Bag sizes

GiftMate is the perfect way for busy people on the go to stylishly wrap their presents. No tape, no scissors, no tissue - just wrap and go!

The range is available in a variety of styles and sizes:

Bag sizes width, height & depth Perfect for...
 Bottle bag 175 x 375 x 70/70 mm Standard 75cl bottles
 Small 160 x 230x 20/20 mm Jewellery, Confectionary
 Medium 240 x 320 x 40/40 mm Fragrance boxes, Candles
 Large 300 x 430 x 50/50 mm Soft toys, Large gifts
 X-Large 420 x 540 x 50/50 mm Large gifts & boxes




Get your wine bottles all wrapped up with our wine bag sets!

Only £9.99